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CO2-Fire Extinguishing Systems

CO2-Fire Extinguishing Systems are intended to put out fires at the onset and to maintain a high enough concentration of CO2 until the danger of reignition has passed.

These systems are particularly recommended for the protection of:
– Electronic data processing installations and computer centres
– Electronic switchgear and transmitters
– Transformer stations and power plants
– Paint spraying sheds and drying ovens
– Printing machinery and textile machinery
– Wood process machinery and wood storehouses
With CO2-Fire Extinguishing Systems carbon dioxide (CO2) is used as an extinguishing agent. By introducing CO2, the oxygen content in the air around the fire is kept below the amount necessary for combustion.

The advantages of this technology compared to other fire fighting agents are as follows:
– CO2 being a gas can access any hard-to-reach areas
– CO2 is a non-toxic gas which does not cause metal corrosion or any other damages
– CO2 does not conduct electricity therefore can be used for extinguishing electrical appliances
– CO2 does not cause any additional damages when extinguishing a fire


Construction of the installation

CO2-Fire Extinguishing Systems consist of a supply of extinguishing agent, a fire detection unit and a network of pipes and nozzles. The extinguishing agent is kept in high pressure containers or steel cylinders. The supply of extinguishing agent is subject to continual weight control. The pipe/nozzle network is connected to the cylinder by a valve. A system of detectors sensitive to smoke, heat and flames is responsible for fire detection. All signals are passed on to the fire 

control panel from where the impulse to extinguish the fire is sent.

CO2-fire extinguishing systems are planned individually for each project. Types and number of particular elements of the system are chosen according to the fire-risk level of the object, location and other vital factors. The planning of the system is performed in accordance with the latest technological regulations, norms and international standards.
In addition to installation and projecting we also supply service and maintenance. Our specialists are at your disposal.
Installation of fire-fighting systems often results in a discount on property insurance. This concerns insurance of buildings, equipment and fire-related work stoppages. Ask your insurance company for more details.