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Stationary fire extinguishing equipment on FE-36

This equipment acquired the Certificate of Compliance no. 1403/2003 issued by CNBOP in Józefów (The Józef Tuliszkowski Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection). It was designed according to the following norms:
a) NFPA 2001 Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems- 1996 Edition,
b) ISO 14520: 2000 Gaseous fire extinguishing systems-Physical properties and system design, pages from 14520-1 to 14520-15
c) PN-93/M.-51250/01 Stationary fire extinguishing equipment. Design and installation rules.

SFEE on FE-36 is designed to extinguish class A and B fires as well as any appliances under voltage up to 1 kV.
To extinguish by total filling in:
– Server rooms
– Data processing centres
– Telecommunication appliances
– Thermal-electric power stations and power plants
– Power engineering plants
– Production facilities
– Laboratories
– Hospitals
– Archives
– Vaults
– Museums and libraries

This system does not require designing additional rooms for gas cylinders. There is no need to increase the fire resistance of walls or windows.

Technical data:
– tank emptying time <10s
– time of maintaining the extinguishing concentration 10 min
– firefighting agent used FE-36
– power supply from mains 230/220 V, 50 Hz
– power supply from accumulators in IGNIS 1520 21-28 V, 6,5Ah and 4 Ah
– protection degree of the electrical casing IP 30
– operation temperature range 0-50 °C

Configuration of the Stationary Fire Extinguishing Equipment on FE-36
The number of cylinders in the stationary fire extinguishing equipment on FE-36 must be appropriate to the size of the premises to be protected. Regardless of the number of cylinders, in each configuration there is one control system which monitors the premises together with the firefighting system and controls the process of automatic fire extinguishing.

Working conditions
Stationary Fire Extinguishing Equipment on FE-36 is used in closed premises in temperatures of 0-50°C and of relative humidity not exceeding 95% at 40°C.
The control system of the stationary extinguishing equipment monitors the premises together with the firefighting system and controls the process of automatic fire extinguishing. These functions are realised by an automatic fire extinguishing systems controller IGNIS 1520 produced by ZDU POLON-ALFA. IGNIS initiates the process of extinguishing after a fire danger has been detected and verified. The extinguishing process can be also started and stopped manually. The control system monitors the premises together with the firefighting system while on stand-by and during extinguishing of a fire.

Technical specifications of the extinguishing agent
– Product name: FE-36 Fire Extinguishing Agent
– Chemical name: 1,1,1,3,3,3- hexafluoropropane – 100%
– Marking: CAS No: 690-39-1, EEC No: 425-320-1
– Usage: according to norm: ISO 14520-11
– Minimal extinguishing concentration: 5,3%

FE-36 is a newly developed extinguishing agent replacing Halon 1211 in portable as well as stationary extinguishing equipment. FE-36 is discharged form extinguishers as a stream of gas and penetrates into the fire area, ceasing the combustion process through heat absorption and a chemical interaction. FE-36 is stored in metal cylinders as a liquid under the pressure of 15 bar. The agent has an approval certificate No PZH/HT-0671/2000 of the National Institute of Hygiene and according to the opinion of the Ozone Layer Protection Unit of the Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, FE-36 does not belong to the ozone depleting substances specified in the Montreal Protocol.

Qualities of FE-36
– highly-effective gas
– does not cause damage to mechanic, electric or electronic appliances
– does not conduct electricity
– replacement of Halon 1211 that does not deplete the ozone layer
– low toxicity
– colourless and odourless gas
– does not leave any pollutions (no residue or soil after use)