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Service fire systems

Considering the successive increase in the quantity executed  fire protection systems by GK Sprinkler, among both new investments and modernization of existing installations, we are expanding service department.

At the moment we have 10 independent service brigades located throughout the country. That allows to quick react  in the case of any failure sprinkler installation of factories, and other facilities which are care covered by our specialists.

If you choose GK Sprinkler you can be sure that, if it necessary, our intervention will be professionally and without undue delay. We are able to provide you with the appropriate technical advice and assistance in the modernization of existing installations to be more efficient and reliable.

In addition to the VdS and ISO certifications for installation and service of the installation, we also have:

  • Esser Authorization Certificates,
  • LST Authorization Certificates,
  • Electrical permissions,
  • UDT staff certification for fluorinated gases (FGAZ).

We encourage new investors, users of existing fire protection installations, maintenance departments of existing facilities to contact and test us – you surely will be satisfied with our professional service.

With GK Sprinkler Company you will