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GK foam system

Foam systems are fire extinguisher systems, which in addition to water, use also a foaming agent.

This method is most needed and recommended when dealing with flammable liquids, for which water alone would not achieve the extinguishing effect required. The type and amount of foaming agent depends on the material to be protected. Generally the foaming agent can be added to water in a concentration of 1% to 6%

The foaming solution extinguishing effect essentially consists of three factors:

  • The foam is lighter and spreads evenly over the surface of the flammable material, thus separating the oxygen supply.
  • Gases formed by the flammable liquids are separated by the foam from the surrounding oxygen and cannot develop into flammable gaseous mixtures so there is no explosion hazard
  • Water present in the mixture cools the flammable liquid.

In depending on protected material and place at risk of fire, the extinguishing device is divided into three groups:

  • Heavy devices – the mixture of foam and water is foamed to eight times its original volume by special jet nozzles
  • Light heavy devices – foamed air and water mixture volume from 20 to 200 times of the original substance. The mixture is achieved by medium nozzles and pipes.
  • Light devices – With this system the foam expansion of 1000 times the original is reached. This very dry foam contains only one liter of liquid (water and foaming agent) in 1 m3 foam volume. Here the cooling effect is less important.

Foaming is achieved by the use of a special mixer, nozzles, foam pipes and generators.

Possibility of using foam devices:

  • production halls and warehouses,
  • warehouses of flammable substances,
  • processing industry (artificial materials),
  • air hangars,
  • ships and coastal buildings.

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