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GK Sprinkler Polska sp. z o. o. is an independent unit of group Fire Protection Solutions – French Concern VINCI. Polish company exists for few years and it has been a very successful period of activity.

GK Sprinkler strengthens position as an producer of sprinkler installations in Poland. The improved assembly technique and the continuous development and upgrading of our employees provide us to faultless acceptance of our projects. It guaranteed satisfaction for our customer and contentment of work effects.

We would like to inform, that we are very pleased with growing popularity on the Web. It is related with many visits not only our future clients, sympathizers and collaborators.

We invite all visitors to the telephone or email contact, with pleasure we will provide help and advice.

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Our offer

GK Sprinkler Polska Sp. z  o.o. specializes in prepare documentations and montage of sprinkler systems, deluge systems and fire protection with service in industrial and public utility buildings. We have our own project base, independent prefab factory and properly trained personnel montage – service, what help us to be completely independent and elastic company which work in a group Fire Protection Solutions.

In order to provide adequate quality from our work, we have appropriate certificates for design – executive sprinkler installation:

VdS and ISO 9001, it shows the high standard of our work.

In addition, we also work with the standards: VdS CEA 4001, VdS 2109, Polish Norm PN – EN 12845, Europe Norm EN 12845, American Norm FM Global, American Norm NFPA.

Especially we specializes in complicated projects of fire protection into factories during work process, without impairing to the normal flow of production. We are to yours disposition, our employees are ready to answer for all questions!

Sprinkler systems


GK Sprinkler company is trustworthy… The projects and installation of sprinkler systems are based on many years’ experience qualified engineers of GK Sprinkler, and cooperation with expert from the VdS Cologne or FM Global...

Deluge systems


Deluge systems are installations used in places, where the fire can spread really fast (paper machines) or where cooling of objects is required during a fire (tanks with flammable liquids, transformer stations)...

Hydrant Installations


GK Sprinkler Polska also specializes in designing and execution of hydrant installation internal and external...

Gas extinguishing systems


GK Sprinkler Polska also specializes in designing and execution of gas extinguishing systems...

GK Foam Systems


Foam systems are fire extinguisher systems, which in addition to water, use also a foaming agent. This method is most needed and recommended when dealing with flammable liquids, for which water alone would not achieve ...

Service fire systems

Considering the successive increase in the quantity executed fire protection systems by GK Sprinkler, among both new investments and modernization of existing installations, we are expanding service department...

Our Products

Calan Cool

Every fire risk is different and needs to be evaluated in its own right. That is why fire protection must be geared to the very precise needs of our customers – such as the highly specific requirements associated with food storage and refrigerated warehouses...

Calan Smart Spray

Cable systems are very important to commercial companies, because they form the basis for power supply systems and data infrastructure; and thereby they enable the control...

Calan Mega Drop

Due to the increasing concentration of value, fires in the storage areas of production facilities lead to high damage costs if fire-detection and firefighting systems fail to respond as quickly as possible. Therefore, where the risk of fire is high, any fire has to be tackled quickly and effectively in the propagation phase to prevent the fire from spreading...

Spark Ex

Production installations harbour a significant risk of fire and explosion, owing to the processing of combustible materials. Particularly susceptible in this regard are dust and swarf hoppers, filter systems and production machinery. This is the case...

Our Portfolio

Our localization

On behalf of the ICT Poland I am happy to announce the exemplary cooperation during the expansion of the facility in Kostrzyn with GK Sprinkler Company.
Michał Wrembel
Director of production
GK Sprinkler Company is come to know as a reliable and competent partner who carries out all of assigned work on time, while ensuring quality and reliable performance.
Mariusz Janda