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It is our pleasure to present our company GK Sprinkler Polska sp. z o.o., subsidiary of the German company Gottschalk Feuerschutzanlagen GmbH & Co. KG of Minden, which has been operating in Western Europe for nearly 40 years now. Our company has been operating in Poland for five years now and it has been a very fruitful period.

We specialize in preparing documentation, assembly of sprinkler and firefighting systems, and we also provide service in industrial and public utility buildings. The company acts according to international standards: Polish Norm PN-EN, Europe Norm PN-EN-12845, VDS, American FM approval standards, and NFPA

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Our offer

The company specializes in firefighting and fire-prevention systems located in large industrial buildings, banks, telephone exchanges, server rooms, transformer stations, commercial buildings and public utility buildings. We strengthen our position on the Polish market each year. We have perfected our assembly technologies and have been constantly improving our employees’ qualifications, which results in our products always being given final faultless approvals. Therefore our clients are guaranteed to be satisfied with the projects.

Sprinkler systems


You can rely on GK Sprinkler. The planning and installation of sprinkler systems are subject to the strictest regulations. The VdS Cologne or FM check thoroughly to see that they are followed...

Deluge systems


A deluge system consists of the sprinkler circuit with open sprinkler heads, which are connected through a control-alarm unit to the water supply. Fire detectors are installed in certain...

Hydrant Installations


We also design and execution of hydrants installed indoors and outdoors. Please contact us in order to determine the details.

Gas extinguishing systems


We also design and execution of gas extinguishing systems. Please contact us in order to determine the details.

GK Foam Systems


Foam Systems are fire extinguishing systems which, in addition to water, use also a foaming agent. This method is most needed and recommended when dealing with flammable liquids...

Service fire systems

Our Products

Calan Cool

Every fire risk is different and needs to be evaluated in its own right. That is why fire protection must be geared to the very precise needs of our customers – such as the highly specific requirements associated with food storage and refrigerated warehouses...

Calan Smart Spray

Cable systems are very important to commercial companies, because they form the basis for power supply systems and data infrastructure; and thereby they enable the control...

Calan Mega Drop

Due to the increasing concentration of value, fires in the storage areas of production facilities lead to high damage costs if fire-detection and firefighting systems fail to respond as quickly as possible. Therefore, where the risk of fire is high, any fire has to be tackled quickly and effectively in the propagation phase to prevent the fire from spreading...

Spark Ex

Production installations harbour a significant risk of fire and explosion, owing to the processing of combustible materials. Particularly susceptible in this regard are dust and swarf hoppers, filter systems and production machinery. This is the case...

Our Portfolio

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W imieniu firmy ICT Poland z przyjemnością zawiadamiam o wzorowej współpracy podczas rozbudowy fabryki w Kostrzynie z firmą GK SPRINKLER
Michał Wrembel
Dyrektor produkcji
Firma GK SPRINKLER Polska dała poznać się jako wiarygodny i kompetentny partner, który realizuje wszystkie zlecone mu prace w terminie, zapewniając przy tym jakość oraz rzetelne wykonastwo
Mariusz Janda